Trucking Dealerships

Truck dealerships are in the business to make money, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, as a trucker, you need to be armed with information to keep from paying too much. After all, you’re in the business to make money, too. And spending more than you need to cuts into your profits. Click the link for towing service san jose ca

Of course a truck dealership makes money off of truck sales, parts sales and truck service and repairs. But there are other ways a truck dealership makes money that many truckers don’t know about. These are through tractor financing, tow bills, parts pricing, and express shipping.

Tractor Financing

When you go to buy a truck, you’ll want to pay cash or have your financing arranged through a bank or other financial institution. If you have the dealership arrange financing, you’ll be paying a higher interest rate than you need to. Most dealerships will tack on a portion of a percentage point to the interest rate on a truck loan they arrange for you. But some dealerships will add on several percentage points. Those are the ones you want to watch out for. The dealership legitimately should get paid for the work their financing department does- collecting your information and submitting it to various financing agencies- but you can get a better interest rate if you are willing to do all that leg work for yourself.

Tow Bills

If you are towed into a dealership by a heavy wrecker for a repair, pay the bill yourself. When you get towed in you may be tempted to have the truck dealership pay for the tow bill and add it to your final bill- after all, it seems like less hassle to delay the payment and just pay one bill for the whole repair. But if you have the truck dealer pay the tow bill, you’ll find that the dealership adds on to what the heavy wrecker charges. Some dealerships may add a small percentage to the bill and some may add a large one. But you, the truck owner, will pay less if you pay the tow truck yourself. Most tow truck drivers can take care of the credit card payment on the spot or the tow truck company can arrange to take payment over the phone.

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